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This session gives us time for a connection into your circumstances, allowing you to expand on multiple areas of your life that you need guidance on. Connecting to the areas that you are struggling with, we look both to help you find solutions. By holding a gentle, loving and non judgemental space, whatever the situation, I give space for growth by listening and providing insight to give you clarity. I want to help you believe just how limitless you are, to stretch you beyond your comfort zone by using insight and guidance.

1 hour.



In this session we connect more specifically on the parts that you feel are holding you back in life. Through a mixture of guided mediation and guidance, we together release old stories that you were once told and the stories that you still tell yourself. We will gently hover over areas from your past that are blocking you from moving forward and accessing the parts of yourself that you are unaware of. You will walk away with new tools and techniques to release and forgive all that no longer serves you. You will leave feeling free and liberated in joy.

1 hour.



In this session, I share tools and techniques to help you develop your own intuition, helping to light up a path to align you with your own heart’s desire but also if you wish to help others too. Including guided meditations focused on developing intuition, helping you connect to the place within you that knows what your calling is but also the place of inner wisdom that you have. Our session will allow you to deepen your relationships with those around you, giving you the space to stay heart centred in your truth. It will cover an in depth definition on all the modalities I have learnt along my journey in order for you to deepen your intuition. It will come with a workbook at the end with all that is covered.

1 hour.



In this session, we will be working one on one, at a meditation of your choice, depending on what you feel is coming up for you around our session. You will also have a choice of how long of a meditation you want, if you feel you want more than one; package deals are available upon request.

1 hour.


30 min.






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