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Dara Caroline

A deep passion of mine is to shine light onto others and guide them to shift their perception of themselves to see their natural gifts, in order to help them to live a life of freedom through self love. I have always had strong intuition, unconditional love and a yearning to see others succeed. Too often I have seen people feel restricted by their mindset, be it from fears or trauma, myself included. 

I knew that by wanting to help others trust in life's ebb and flow, to call on their intuition and their personal power, I knew that by using my own abilities to spot where I felt the disconnection they had within themselves was what I had to do.


As we connect to their situation, we work alongside their fears rather than against them. By supporting them with guidance, healing and meditation practices, I can enable them to look at themselves and see the essence of who they are so they can finally shift their life to the way they want it to be.

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