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Dara Caroline

With the understanding that life can be tough through my own personal experiences and traumas, it was only from this first hand experience that a growth spurt occurred and I gained great knowledge that helped me remove myself from the areas that did not serve me.


Learning to forgive and give thanks to the parts of my own life I once struggled to, helped me find alignment, bringing comfort with every aspect of myself to get back to what was the true essence of Dara. 

Realizing that I didn't have to be powerless, once my journey of identifying my true self begun, I was able to start gathering together all those loose ties, to help others. It was as if I had to find peace with losing everything I deemed important, to be able to start some sort of hatching process from within to start fresh. As I allowed my personal hatching process to start,  my life purpose and my reality slowly synchronized.

What I've Learnt








Integrative Energy Therapy I, II, III